What are the Most Successful Small Businesses?

You can have the perfect idea for a small business, but it fails to materialize over a year or five of operations. Research shows that 20 percent of companies fail within their first year of operation, while 50 percent fail within five years. You can get luck right off the bat and start a business, and it becomes successful. 

But other entrepreneurs find it to materialize their ideas. If you are among them, don’t beat yourself up. Here are some of the most successful small businesses to start in 2022.

1. E-commerce

This is the fastest-growing industry. While everything else is shutting down due to stringent Covid19 measures, selling items online has since looked more lucrative. The scope of items to sell is limitless, as you can even jump on the wave of selling trendy masks.

To start, you must create a website; platforms like Shopify allow you to create your website within minutes. You’ll use the first few months on a free trial basis, then apply for a subscription afterward.

2. Drop-Shipping

Another major player in the game is drop shipping. This is an excellent choice for people that have the amount to buy wholesale inventory. How does it work? You build an online store, add a product then market them online for sale. When your customer wishes to buy your product, it will send an alert automatically to the supplier. You can honestly get good money drop shipping.

With tools like Oberlo, drop shipping has never been better. You can quickly get things running in a matter of minutes. It’s free, so you can create an account and start selling.

3. Auto Repairs

Everyone in this day and age has a car. At some point, the vehicle can get faulty and would require the services of a mechanic. If you are good with cars, there’s an opportunity here for you. Most people usually take their vehicles to mechanics when they get faulty. But you can do a door-to-door service.

With a few tools to fix the car in your toolbox, you can move from one customer to the other fixing their vehicles. This can be a lucrative venture over time.

4. Food Truck


You create masterpieces in the kitchen. Have you thought of preparing delicious for sale? Well, a food truck can bring in the big bucks with your creativity in the kitchen. You can start your food truck and park it at busy locations and events. Just go to places that there’s more likely to have a crowd and let your work of art in the kitchen do the talking.

It’s important to note that there are places that have saturated markets, so look for areas that have these trucks.

5. Mobile Cash Wash

Many car owners dread going for auto detailing especially if their cars are upscale. If you started a mobile cash wash service, you’ll take in cash by just being unique. You’ll not have to worry about the startup capital of a location and other vital equipment. Consumer will easily be drawn to your auto detailing services as some are always looking for a person touch.

There are websites that sells auto detailing kits at wholesale prices to get you started.

Final Note!

Any business idea can do well as long as it’s trying to solve a problem in the community. The five types of business have proven to be successful. So, if you want to venture into entrepreneurship and don’t know what to do, try this business. Always conduct extensive research to be able to maintain success over time.