How Do I Go About Changing My Career 

Many people think about changing careers, but not many do it. There are varied reasons why you’d like to change careers. Some may not understand it, but your reasons are valid. It’s all boils down to peace of mind and loving what you do. If ever you are contemplating changing careers and are serious about it, here is a complete step-by-step guide of how to do it.

Re-evaluate Yourself 

Write in your journal how your job is making you feel. Go back and look at events where you were making waves in your current job position—Journal down how that made you feel. Plus, write down what every morning before going to work looks like. Is it a struggle? Are you always trying to talk yourself down into going to work? Or you can wait to go to work and make an impact.

What you’ve written is your job satisfaction at your current job. You can tell if you are satisfied with your job or not. You can also write a period you were really happy doing something else. Write it down when you are in an attachment position or an intern. It will help give you a glimpse of what you love doing.

Deciding to Change Careers 

After seeing that you need a shift of careers from the re-evaluation, you can now define how to shift careers. Depending on what you’ve written down, you will be able to see if you need to change careers to another new industry or shift to a new position in the same industry. The inventory you wrote down knows what best suits you to meet your needs.

Brainstorm Career Ideas and identify you’re Best Match 

To know more about various potential job types, you must research and brainstorm other types that fit your skills. You can seek advice from career counselors and other professional networks to help you find the right jobs for your skillset. After getting a few potential job matches, you can now research and learn more about the job you’re interested in.

You can ask questions of those in the field you’re interested in. You can also use employment projections to find fast-growing careers. You can also browse the net to find other vital information.

Take an Action Plan and Rebrand Yourself 

After zeroing down to the job type you want, you can then make an action plan. This is a goal you need to achieve. If you need a new certificate, you’ll need to get an education. You’ll need to seize new opportunities.

Just plan how you’re going to achieve all these goals to make you susceptible to the new job you want. Rebrand yourself to ensure that when new opportunities arise, you can be able to seize them—creating new resumes, cover letters, and social profiles that resonate with the new job position you want.

Final Thoughts! 

It’s never too late to change careers. Whether you are 20, 30, or 40 years old, you can still change careers and succeed. It’s not worth all your peace of mind to keep on working in an environment you don’t like. It will affect you, if not now certainly later. With these steps, you can make the shift you want in your career life.